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Placing veterinary talent first by supporting professionals to thrive in our industry and empowering veterinarians to provide exceptional care for pets and their owners.

Rarebreed Team

Dan Espinal

The Pet Health industry is on the verge of a Renaissance – people love their pets and the more we learn about ourselves as humans, the more value we discover in our companionship with our furry friends.

Joseph Marchell, DVM

Rarebreed provides me an opportunity to help our partner hospitals make informed decisions to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver happiness to our team and clients.

Kristy Greco

Building relationships with partners, vendors and employees is at the core of Rarebreed and the part of my job that I love.

Sue Santerre

I was immediately drawn to Rarebreed’s vision that employees are the most important asset and by Rarebreed’s desire to build a meaningful company that adds value to the lives of all involved.

Pat Doyle

What excites me about Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is that it allows me to work with veterinary practice owners and employees to help build a better experience for communities across the country.

Matt Campbell

I consider myself so fortunate to have a chance to be a part of a team striving to make an impact on the profession that has always been there for my family and our pets, which now include two yellow labs.

Jeremy Halperin

I’ve joined Rarebreed Veterinary Partners with a single focus to create the best working environment for veterinary practices.

Compassionate care at heart

Integrity & Long Run

Why choose us?

We are aware of the risks that practices encounter when placing their biggest asset in the hands of a new company. That’s why we are making sure to provide the type of shared rewards and long-term benefits that can outweigh these early risks.

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is synonymous with authenticity, consistency, optimism and hardwork.

Our approach to relationship-building and honoring what makes a clinic unique are integral to our business philosophy.

Our Mission

Empower our veterinary partners to create a culture of trust, excellence, and compassion through open and positive communication.


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