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How To Sell Your Clinic

Selling your clinic to Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is a simple and straightforward process, with a smooth transition from independent clinic to integrated practice.

1. The Review Process

Your proposed practice gets reviewed by us, so that we can get to know each other better. As part of this phase, we discuss finances, answer any questions you might have and decide on a set timeline to follow.

2. The Proposal

This second phase of the selling process focuses on the letter of intent. This is when we discuss the price of purchase, the terms of the lease, any employment arrangements and oversee every option for the deal. This second stage normally takes about 15 days.

3. Due Diligence

Once we have agreed on a deal, we finally go visit your clinic. This way, we can collect any further information we might need and review all the historical data. As part of this phase we also help you set goals and priorities, and consequently make a plan to follow to ensure that we can get there. This third stage normally takes about 30 days.

4. Legal Agreements

Any agreements are provided to your legal representative, illustrating every aspect that we have discussed, including the purchase, lease and employment agreements. For all of this legal documentation, we’ll also have set a closing date, so that you can plan far in advance. This stage would usually require about 30 days.

5. Integration

This final phase is all about starting to work together, we communicate with you and learn everything we need to know for a successful partnership. We’ll provide you a complete report on the integration and transfer of all the accounts. After this, your veterinary practice will officially be part of the Rarebreed Veterinary Partners’ network.


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