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The Rarebreed Team

Passionate about delivering exceptional care to pets and pet owners around the country, meet the team behind Rarebreed Veterinary Partners.

Dan Espinal

The most profound lessons I learned, were from the best leaders with whom I have had the privilege of serving in the U.S. Army.

Sean Miller

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Kristy Greco

Building relationships with partners, vendors and employees is at the core of Rarebreed and the part of my job that I love.

Matt Campbell

I have always been influenced by cats and dogs. When I was a young boy my mother would take me to the park, and we would feed stray kittens and help find them homes in and around my town.

Pat Doyle

Veterinary practice owners and employees fire my passion to help build a better experience for communities across the country with Rarebreed.

Sue Santerre

I first heard of Rarebreed from a friend and was immediately drawn to their vision that employees are the most important asset and desire to build a meaningful company that adds value to the lives of all involved.

Joseph Marchell, DVM

My first memories are from behind the bleached, seafoam cages in an old New England veterinary practice. I wasn’t a patient, but the son of the staff veterinarian.

Mackenzie Braden

I’m striving to improve the veterinary industry by creating an environment of trust, compassion, and excellence.

Jeremy Halperin

I’ve joined Rarebreed Veterinary Partners with a single focus to create the best working environment for veterinary practices.


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