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Passionate about delivering exceptional care to pets and pet owners around the country, meet the team behind Rarebreed Veterinary Partners.


Tufts University, BA Double-Major, International Relations & Economics, Minor, Spanish

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business, Master of Business Administration, Focus in Financial Engineering

Previous Positions

Head, Corporate Development & Strategy, IDEXX (NASDAQ: IDXX)

Head, VetLab Chemistry, IDEXX (NASDAQ: IDXX)

Director, Investment Team, Allied Minds (LSE: ALM)


Travel: Over 20 countries including Afghanistan, Chile, China, Cuba, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Qatar, South Africa & Russia

Community: United Way of Greater Portland Board Member, Chair of Finance Committee

Athletics: Organized (Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling & Running) and Unorganized (Back country skiing, skinning, hiking)

Captain, U.S. Army

Dan Espinal

Chief Executive Officer

I grew up as a first generation American, the son of two immigrants, both scientists and entrepreneurs who came to the U.S. for their own reasons. My father, from the Dominican Republic, came to the U.S. first as a young student to attend military school in Virginia. My mother, from Chile, a political refugee fleeing the Pinochet dictatorship to Ireland. They met in Ireland and ultimately settled in New England, where my father earned a living as an electrical engineer working in the semiconductor industry and my mother a chemist, eventually starting her own business when my sister and I were old enough and she re-entered the workforce.

From an early age I watched my parents build a small environmental testing lab from a two-person operation to a larger practice, all on the back of their hard work, dedication to provide their customers the best service. My father, the perpetual tinkerer had several patents and applied his ingenuity to build a radon mitigation system which became the practices bread and butter. From them I learned to respect education, entrepreneurship, customers and employees.

Following in their footsteps I actively sought out innovation and entrepreneurship as my passions. Before that I followed my father’s footsteps and served in the military, an experience which informed my approach to business today. The most profound lessons I learned, were from the best leaders with whom I have had the privilege of serving. They are too many to list, but my experiences informed my innate belief in human ingenuity, allowing and empowering people to solve problems to unleash our innate creative genius. I take that lesson when I think about management. A team who wants to be there will outperform a team made to be there by 100 to 1. Think: The Gates of Fire where three-hundred Spartans held an army of one million. The same is true in business, though I believe we are in the early stages of appreciating the importance of all stakeholders in the business equation, employees, customers, shareholders, the environment, community and vendors, not just shareholders. We have a long way to go.

Armed with those experiences and my journey through MIT Sloan, I found myself in the innovation business, at a venture capital firm named Allied Minds. Our business model was totally unique, and it was a wild ride. I was charged with sponsoring innovations from research universities and government labs that could serve as the basis of disruptive companies. We targeted defensible IP, large growing markets and great teams. I take that framework with me to this day. While there, we went through an IPO and listed on the London Stock Exchange. For me that was a once in a lifetime ride, watching a small company turn into a unicorn overnight.

From there I was thrust into a general management position off the bench of the investment team. I took over as the CEO of a biotechnology company just outside of Boston. In that role we built an international distribution network and doubled sales. More importantly, I found my true calling as a general manager, where strategy, leadership, business & science all intersect.

That experience eventually led me to IDEXX Laboratories, an animal health diagnostic company in Portland, ME. In Maine I fell in love with the animal health market. I also began to develop an appreciation for the challenges our customers faced as independent practitioners lodged between their customers and manufacturers. While there, I developed a thesis that if a business could provide management services to veterinarians, whereby the veterinarian was the customer, the business was our product, both parties would be better off.

The Pet Health industry is on the verge of a Renaissance – people love their pets and the more we learn about ourselves as humans, the more value we discover in our companionship with our furry friends. As we appreciate the value of that relationship, the more important the ecosystem of products and services around our four legged friends become.

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