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Passionate about delivering exceptional care to pets and pet owners around the country, meet the team behind Rarebreed Veterinary Partners.


University of Southern New Hampshire, MBA

University of Southern Maine, BS in Computer Science

Jeremy Halperin

Chief Technology Officer

I was extremely lucky to spend my early childhood growing up on the water. My days were filled with feeding ducks, catching frogs, and fishing. We always had a few cats and a dog as well, so I was blessed to have animals throughout my childhood development. I also loved building things, and more importantly taking them apart. I had a knack for taking gadgets apart, figuring out how they worked, fixing them if they were broken, and putting them back together – I may have gotten into a bit of trouble fixing things which were never broken.

Fast forward to my days as a young adult when the first personal computers started to become available, the .com boom was at its peak, and the world wide web was gaining acceptance. I finished my computer science degree and decided to become a full-stack technologist. I thoroughly enjoyed the reward of writing programs to solve business problems, creating optimal systems, and creating happy end-users.

My desire to please the end-user and further understand the inner workings of a business led me to gaining a Master’s in Business Administration, the pursuance of program management, and subsequently people leadership.

Fortunately for me, my next step was working for a veterinary software company, IDEXX. I was able to translate my love for animals and aptitude in technology into a single focus. I’ve since joined Rarebreed Veterinary Partners with a single focus to create the best working environment for veterinary practices. My goal is to create the simplest and most intuitive toolset to allow veterinarians to focus on what they love… treating animals.

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