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The Rarebreed Team

Passionate about delivering exceptional care to pets and pet owners around the country, meet the team behind Rarebreed Veterinary Partners.


University of Vermont, B.Sc. Agricultural Science

Washington State University, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Joseph Marchell, DVM

Business Development Associate

My first memories are from behind the bleached, seafoam cages in an old New England veterinary practice. I wasn’t a patient, but the son of the staff veterinarian, and cages represented the safest place to set up a makeshift daycare ̶ cheap, too.

I was raised in our family’s two practices, and all the headaches and struggles that came with them. I watched as my parents worked, with little guidance or resource, to build their solo practices up and support our family. I saw the 80-hour weeks. I watched as the practices teetered in 2009, and as hard decisions were made.

I graduated Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine with the intention of helping to guide the renaissance movement of Veterinary Medicine to improve the lives of the practitioners, like my parents, who’ve fought to build stable and rewarding careers. Rarebreed Veterinary Partners provides me an opportunity to pursue this goal by helping our partner hospitals make informed and strategic decisions to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver happiness to our staff and clients.

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