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Passionate about delivering exceptional care to pets and pet owners around the country, meet the team behind Rarebreed Veterinary Partners.


Villanova University, BA Finance

Vanderbilt University, Owen School of Management, Masters of Business Administration

Sean Miller

Chief Operating Officer

I love helping others. Growing up in Binghamton, NY, my parents taught us from an early age to respect others and always look for ways to improve someone else’s situation. As the son of a school teacher/principal and a coach we were encouraged to pursue knowledge, be coachable, stay humble, seek others’ perspectives, be a good person, and a positive member of a team and the community. These values led me to be naturally curious and seek unmet needs to solve.

Like most of us, I have always had pets in my life. Growing up, most of our extended family owned pets, including our two cats. When my wife and I learned our golden retriever had kidney disease, we collaborated with our veterinarian to create treats that were safe for her. After nurturing the concept while pursuing my MBA at Vanderbilt, we launched Mattie’s Treats to help others in the same situation while giving back by funding research.

My career to date has spanned accounting, finance, supply chain, strategy, marketing, sales, partnerships, and acquisitions across many industries. My time at IDEXX exposed me to the veterinary industry where I was introduced to the needs and challenges of veterinary teams, as well as the various approaches and companies trying to solve them.

My path led me to Rarebreed because of my passion for animal health and a belief there is another, even larger unmet need in this market. I truly believe in Rarebreed’s mission, that with a singular focus we can create a uniquely satisfying experience for everyone working to provide healthcare for our pets and livestock. Their jobs are extremely difficult with a common love of animals as a primary reason for pushing through the challenges. We see great opportunity to improve their lives by doing what comes natural to me…building trust, asking good questions, really listening to identify needs, and deliver solutions that improve peoples’ lives.

I currently live in Kennebunk, ME with my wife, two children and our 14 year old best friend, Fenway.

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